1. Why shouldn’t I just hire my own designer?
    The main reason is that there is just way too much to do to successfully grow your online presence for a designer you pay to do it all. You’ll go broke long before you are able match what Spizoo has created and the work we do on your behalf. We spread the cost of what we are doing across multiple sites so everyone can benefit together. If you already have your own site you know how much work it turns out to be or worse how disappointing the results can be. As a talent, you have to focus on content creation and fan interaction.
  2. How do I get started with Spizoo?
    The first step is to get in touch with us through our “contact us” page so we can communicate with you to determine if we are a good match for your needs.
  3. Are there any start up fees?
    Usually.  For particularly well-established and successful talent we have been known to waive any startup costs but typically there is some expense to get started.
  4. How much content do I need to get started?
    You need at least 10 video sets and 15 pictures sets (if you don’t have enough Spizoo can assist you).
  5. How much money can I make ?
    That varies with each talent. Needless to say, the more famous you are already, the more money you will make right away. However much you make, we constantly work with you and for you to help increase the amount you are making over time. In general, the longer we have to promote you and your site, the more money you should earn.
  6. How much content do I need to provide on an ongoing basis?
    All expectations and requirements are tailored for each talent’s specific needs. When signing with Spizoo, we make sure that both parties have a full understanding as to what is expected from them. Everyone is different therefore all expectations are different with a general breakdown of required content.
  7. Do I have any other opportunities to make extra money with this site?
    Yes, we provide a private cam show where you can choose to get paid from $3 up to $10 per minute.  We provide VOD, and stores where you can sell your custom items ranging from personal lingerie, pictures, videos etc.
  8. How does Spizoo generate traffic to my site?
    We own and run our affiliate program Spizcash.com, we promote our talent on a regulary basis, with banners, blogs, and promotional material, working with the best affiliates in the business. We also have partnerships among all of our talent so new fans can discover you.
  9. What are the benefits of working with Spizoo?
    The main benefit of working with us is that we truly are your partner.  We pride ourselves on bringing honesty and professionalism to an industry that all too often has service providers who try to take advantage of talent.  You are a business person and that is how we treat you!
  10. Why choose Spizoo?
    Your success is our success!  Jessica says, “I have worked in the adult entertainment industry for ten years, with a very extensive resume. Knowing all of the inner-workings and what it takes to become a success in this industry is my forte including  knowing how talent needs to be treated which is key.  Without proper treatment, respect, and honesty neither the talent nor the company can reach it’s full potential.   I strive to reach that goal and that’s why my partners and I have founded Spizoo”.